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A Gem Hidden in Every Candle ~ A Diamond In Every Thousand


“I love these candles. They are very high quality and the gem was beautiful. The scent filled the room even when it wasn’t burning. I was also impressed that the high quality glass that the candle in was high quality and can be used after the candle is gone. love love love these candles. The anticipation of getting to the gem was like Christmas morning!”


“I have had nothing but great experience with these candles. The candle arrives packaged appropriately for shipping and have never received a damaged product. Inside you will find the candle placed in a tin wrapped with pictures of precious gems. Inside the tin, is a nicely designed curved glass candle holder, that is similar to the shape of a stem less wine glass. All of the candles are white so they fit into ever d├ęcor. These are the most consistent burning candle I have ever had and the scent it not too strong, not too light. The most exciting part is getting the gem vile out of the candle! These candles are so worth the price tag.”

Katie G

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